How to enable automated captions in

16/Aug/2022 · 1 minute read

There are some times you may need to generate automated captions in online meetings, and also officially support this amazing feature. However, it is default to disabled so you need to manually enable it firstly. The below are steps to enable it quickly:

Step 1: Login to and then navigate your profile settings page, or you can click this link directly.

Step 2: Scroll down your page until the In Meeting (Advanced) section, you can see there are two settings, one is Manual captions and the other is Automated captions, enable both of them like my screenshot. Enable automated captions

Step 3(Optional): If you have been in a meeting, quit it and then join or start a new meeting, you should see there is a CC tool now. CC tool

Step 4: Click “Show Captions”, it should display a captions board: captions board

That’s all! You can begin your speech and it will recognize your voice and transform to live captions automatically! So cool!